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The Therapist Co. is a temping agency for the beauty and medical aesthetic agency here in Australia. We connect qualified and experienced therapists to clinics/salons in their local area for short term staffing solutions.

Are you a salon or a clinic? Some of the most stressful times in salons or clinics is dealing with staffing issues. A staff member calls in sick or goes on annual leave. The time it takes to either rebook clients, or interview new staff members is costing you money!  Find out how we can help you.

Are you a therapist? You're a therapist wanting a change. We help therapists find a work life balance that is suitable to them. Work as many or as few hours you would like week by week, month by month. Save for that holiday by doing extra shifts that might not be available to you at your current work place. Enjoy the extra dollars per hour, it is all up to you! It's that simple.

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 Therapists.. We get you!


The Therapist Co. is here to offer an alternative way you can engage in your work in the beauty industry.

Our mission is to empower therapists to be able to work to their lifestyles and not the other way around. It’s all about WORK/LIFE balance.

We utilise you as your own boss, match you with clinics and salons where you get to pick the hours and days weekly/monthly.

To get started we will build you a therapist profile. At this point we will ask questions about your qualifications and experience. These questions will include the following:

  • Treatments/Services you perform

  • Products you have used and know to retail 

  • Days/hours of week you would like to work

  • Travel times

  • Location

It is with the extra detail that we gather where our service becomes so unique. We will allocate certain clinics to you based on your experience with their services and products. This means you could easily work with them at any point. We will contact you based on the times you would like to work and areas you would prefer to work in. Everything is in your control.

What is even better is that we will match you with only a few clinics. These clinics are where you will become a 'Preferred Therapist'. This means you will get the priority shifts offered to you when the clinics/salons need them, you will become familiar with them and they will become familiar with you.

Your hourly pay is tiered and is based on your qualifications and experience. This hourly rate is well above award wages for casuals and increases accordingly. We will discuss the hourly rate after your profile questions have been registered.

So don't delay join our community of therapists today!

"I love The Therapist Co! Since starting as a temp therapist early 2017 The Therapist Co has allowed me to tailor my work life to suit me so that I can develop and work on my career goals while still being able to earn a living. Jess, the founder, is professional, approachable and accommodating to my availability and requirements. Jess makes it easy to be a temp therapist and she is naturally a people person. I now recommend the therapist co to all of my therapist friends!" -Marnina Diprose

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Clinics and Salons- Our solution for you!

At The Therapist Co we aim to allocate like minded therapists to your salon or clinic based on your current service and product offering.

At the point of registration we will begin to create your salon/clinic profile. We will need information from you based on the types of services you are after or offer in addition to the products you use in professional and retail. We do the same with the therapists that are on our databases. 

It is with the extra detail that we gather where our service offering is so unique. Not only will we place a therapist in your clinic when needed, the therapists have been carefully selected to ensure the following:

  •  The Therapist can perform a good percentage of the services that are performed at your salon/clinic

  • The Therapist has worked with and has knowledge of your product ranges 

Once a therapist has worked within your salon/clinic they will be allocated to you as a 'Preferred Therapist'. It is our aim that each clinic will have a preferred therapist list of at least 1-3 therapists. This means each shift will always be covered with a friendly face that has grow to know your clinic and clients. 

Each of our therapists have their own professional indemnity insurance or are covered under TTC, so you can be rest assured you and they are always covered. 

We have a range of different of therapists on our databases and with different levels of experience. Each therapist is categorised based on their qualifications and experience. This means you can specify minimum levels of qualifications and experience required. Each tier will increase in cost accordingly.

There is no ongoing fees for our amazing service, only the hourly rate the therapist works. Our invoicing is sent weekly on a Monday and sent in retrospect for the week prior. 

In order to join The Therapist Co. as a registered business there is a small admin fee of $150 to create your profile and to allocate the list of your preferred therapists. ($10 of this fee will be donated to one of our favourite charity's Edgar's mission, to help continue their amazing work rescuing animals) 

We are supporting your business in a number of ways, through providing casual temp staff that are qualified we give you time back in your day to stress less about staffing.

Whether you are filling casual hours, covering permanent staff annual/sick leave, or needing support whilst you recruit, you can enjoy the service and flexibility The Therapist Co. can offer. We do not fill permanent roles, however we do find that at times the match is so good between temp therapist and salon/clinic that this can move into a permanent position.

This is fantastic way or finding a new recruit with an almost ‘try before you buy’ approach, which is often more successful than the traditional recruitment methods through seek/indeed.

Don't delay lets get your profile underway today.

"I thought I would touch base with you regarding the meet and greet with my matched therapist.
She was PERFECT in every way. I would like to say thank you for your professionalism and I think after 19 years of owing my own salon, I can faith that there are therapists that can fill in for me while I have a break .(thanks to you). It's made the whole process of seeking staff so easy and reassuring”- Grace- Airs and Graces

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